• 06 Jan 2016
  • 09:56

Image Editing Tool

New Image Crop Tool Feature

A new feature is now available Image Crop tool, the feature enables the seller to crop big images automatically to the minimum size we define.


Many sellers complained because images were cropped automatically after syncing to BOB in case they didn't meet the shop dimensions standard (680 x 850), now sellers will be able to edit images before importing them to SC to make sure images are correctly cropped.

How the feature works?

1- Sellers can use the manual image import mode
2- Once the image is inserted an edit button will be available on top left side of every image
3- By Clicking on the edit button sellers will be able to use the editing options (zoom in&out, rotate and crop)
4- The image will be cropped to the minimum dimensions we define in settings
5- Once the seller submits the image it won't be possible to edit it again
Steps to take
1- Update the minimum image size from administration>settings>product management to the shop dimensions standard (680w x 850h).
2- Send a communication mail to your sellers explaining how the feature works.

The feature is live now.
  • 06 Jul 2016
  • 09:57

Make Better Content, Sell More!

The Quality of the content created by the seller has a great impact on the decision of buying made by the customer so you should always keep that in mind while creating your products.


The content consists of 5 parts:

  1. Name
  2. Key Features/highlights/short description
  3. Package content
  4. Description
  5. Images


1- A mistake many suppliers make is adding the brand to the name, there is already a field for that and the brand is added automatically, add any details in the name that would help the customer make the decision of buying.


2- Make sure to use the highlights to have all the key features of the products visible for the customer.


3- If your products come with a package that has many items, make sure to include that in the package content field. (very important for electronics)


4- Things to keep in mind while writing the description:

  1. Write in HTML code
  2. Add images to the description if possible
  3. Add titles and Make them bold
  4. Use bullets when adding details
  5. Make sure everything is organized and clear for the customer.


5- Add more images, the images you add are the only way for the customer to see the products so include images that show the products from all sides, and follow the guidelines.


Whenever you create a new product go to and look at how the products are created and simply create similar content.

Good Luck!





  • 24 Oct 2016
  • 11:21

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